Who We Are

Our roots are set deep in the world of cycling. Our CEO started in the bike industry as a way to race mountain bikes professionally and grew Bikes out of his passion for this sport. We are cyclists, pedal crankers, mashers, commuters, explorers, and adrenaline junkies from all over the map. This drives our goal to connect our world to the joyous adventure of life on two wheels. We are first and foremost a bicycle company that’s passionate about the sport. In short, our customers are everything.

Where We’re From

Bikes’s headquarters can be found touching Sycamore Canyon Park in Riverside, CA providing easy access to a variety of trails for our employees and customers to enjoy. We have an attached will-call retail center with full bike services and an inventory selection backed by our shipping warehouse. Our reach into the cycling community continues with our Superstore in Corona, CA. This location allows us to offer a LBS experience with a selection of shop-only brands for our local customers, while still providing the benefits of extended inventory selection, competitive pricing, and brand support built into While our headquarters and stores are located in Downtown Edmonton, our employees hail from across the CA.

Bigger than where we are from is where we are going. Our employees are drawn to the adventure of cycling. From road rides on winding back roads to downhill in Whistler and dirt jumps built in backyards, we seek to put cycling in the lifestyle of everyone we meet, and better our world with every turn of the pedals.

What We Do

We ride. We ride for fun, we ride for passion, we ride for experiences, and we ride for camaraderie. This love of cycling is the push in being ambassadors of our sport. It drives us to be a source of the best knowledge, selection, and advocacy for our customers. Whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we strive to be the leading edge of the bike industry.

Why We Do It

Cycling makes the world more awesome! This life is more fun on a bike whether on the pavement or the dirt. Cycling helps you face your fears. Scars become trophies, friends become family, miles are a measure of happiness, and your limits wash away with every drop of sweat. This is why we want to inspire people to ride, experience and explore.

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