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Bicycle Assembly Instructions

This video is designed to help put your bike together when it arrives on your doorstep. In 6 easy steps you will be able to quickly assemble your bike and hit the trails or pavement.

Front Suspension Setup

In this episode of Ask a Wrench, we guide you through a full front suspension setup that includes adjusting your sag, rebound, and compression.

Episode 1: How to install a Tube

In Episode 1 of Bikes Ask a Wrench, we show you how to replace a flat tube.

Episode 2: How to install Pedals

In Episode 2 ofBikes Ask a Wrench, we demonstrate how to properly install a set of pedals.

Episode 3: How to Replace Avid Disc Brake Pads

In Episode 3 of Bikes Ask a Wrench, you’ll learn how to replace a set of worn out Avid disc brake pads.

Episode 4: Which axles does my bike have?

In Episode 4 of Ask a Wrench, Seth demonstrates the different types of axles found on bicycles, and how to tell them apart

Episode 5: Effective Top Tube Length / ETT

If you’ve been looking for a new bike, you’ve probably heard the term ETT mentioned, or at least you should have. In this episode of Ask a Wrench, Seth explains what ETT is, and why it is an essential tool in figuring out what size bike you’ll need.

Episode 6: Choosing the Right Seatpost

In episode 6 of Ask a Wrench, Seth explains how to determine which seatpost size you have, and why length, offset, and type of rails are all important factors to consider when deciding to replace a seatpost on your bicycle.

Episode 7: IS and PM Disc Brake Mounts & Adapters

In episode 7 of our Ask a Wrench Series, Seth gives you a bit of history on how the International Standard (IS) disc brake mount came about, and how you can tell the IS apart from a PM mount on your fork or frame. You’ll also find a breakdown of the most common IS & PM adapters.

Episode 8: Mountain Bike Wheel Size Comparison

In this video, Seth sets 26″, 27.5″, and 29″ All Mountain bikes next to each other, and gives an overview of some of the characteristics of each. He also covers which way to lean towards based on one’s height as well as riding terrain & style.

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